DevOps services
System administration 24x7
DevOps services

AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack managing and automation.

We perform autoscaling, load balancing, security and continuous delivery for your application.

Software setup

Installation, updating and optimization any modern software.

We are experts in Web, Databases and high load solutions.
OS: any Linux, FreeBSD.

24x7 Monitoring

Check - every minute.
Recovery - less then 5 min.

We guarantee trouble-free operation of business critical application.

24x7 Support

Highly skilled engineers
L1, L2, L3.

Unlimited requests and tasks.
Contact us by e-mail, phone or skype.

Managed hosting

Bare metal servers, VPS, Cloud - rent it by common price.

Оur geo distributed infrastructure with our Support service can sastisfy any hosting needs.


You always have valid backup.
Be sure!

We setup periodic, real time, hot spare and cloud types of secure backups.


DDoS, hacker attacks will not affect your application.

We control security policy, setup complex system defence and perform daily security audits.


Only high qualified engineers.
Our clients can trust us.

Liability for service quality and information safety is the standard of our Contract.

Our certificates
Signature to the certificate
Signature to the certificate
Signature to the certificate
Our customers - e-commerce aggregator №1 in Ukraine.
Provides its users the opportunity to choose the best product in terms of characteristics and price in Ukrainian on-line stores.
We've been providing services since 2010. - IoT security system.
Using passion for combining art with technology, Ajax created a super-reliable, elegant, easy-to-install and user friendly security system.
We've been providing services since 09.2016.
Backendless - PaaS for mobile applications.
Backendless mission is to remove obstacles in mobile application development by providing powerful reliable backend solution.
We've been providing services since 08.2015
Новое Время - top News website in Ukraine.
Topical news of Ukraine and the world. News of business and technology. Journalists' blogs and special projects.
We've been providing services since 04.2014. - digital marketing agency.
Through search marketing and online reputation management tools, promodo connect businesses with target audience and expand brand awareness.
We've been providing services since 05.2013.
Astrafit - SaaS для интернет-магазинов одежды
Предоставляем услуги с момента разработки сервиса. Благодаря тесной работе с программистами оптимизировали работу под высокими нагрузками. Настроили окружение для разработки и тестирования, CI, резервное копирование.