Performance optimization is the process of fine-tuning elements of IT infrastructure to achieve its maximum efficiency. It includes technical audit to investigate bottlenecks within existing environments and steps to remove them. At first, elements of the customer’s infrastructure get covered with monitoring. The obtained metrics, logs and failure alerts are then analyzed in order to identify potential points of failure. Then based on the audit results our engineers give their recommendations on how to remove the defined hindrance. The steps may include fine-tuning of some system elements in case of their poor performance or overall infrastructure reshaping if configuration of services is low efficient.


Performance optimization involves:


  • optimizing database queries by choosing the most efficient means of executing SQL statement;
  • optimizing hardware resources by adding more RAM and upgrading to a stronger CPU unit;
  • moving to SSDs to increase throughput and the speed of input/output operations per second;
  • expanding the existing infrastructure with more computing resources, i.e horizontal optimization.


At SHALB, we carefully attend our customers’ systems. Follow the recommendations of our qualified and experienced staff on performance optimization to achieve the highest efficiency of your system!