Autoscaling is among those impressive features that make cloud computing so compelling. It is set up in the cloud environment settings and allows for dynamic infrastructure up and downscaling. In case of workload increase your cloud environment is automatically scaled with additional resources to distribute excessive load. After the workload is stabilized again the excessive resources are shut down and the infrastructure shrinks back to its initial size.


Autoscaling allows to avoid latency and downtime while building up your system’s availability. It is applicable when a server CPU usage exceeds 70%, the number of connections rises or your system’s time of response is increased. Flexibility of use makes autoscaling a perfect tool for cost savings, as you pay only for the resources that have been used.


To get the most from it, autoscaling requires precise settings according to customer’s needs. In SHALB, we setup and manage autoscaling metrics for our customers making their projects safe from unexpected workload increases.